Drilling Fluids Products:

Various types of products from minerals and polymers to lubricants and loss circulation materials are provided for WBM, OMB, Synthetic based Mud, Completion and Work over systems.

Given the rapid and unpredictable requirements of drilling activities, all materials are kept as contingency stock in our warehouses to ensure a readily available service. Products are kept in a safely manner on rig sites, they are stored on mud skids and covered with tarpaulin covers. Our QA & HSE team perform random rig site visits to assess the storage conditions of our products.

Packaging and labelling conditions are of utmost importance for our operations, we make sure we provide reliable packaging conditions that suit the needs of our industry. Such conditions may vary between onshore and offshore operations. All products used by PDF are purchased from our Approved Vendor List (AVL), which has its own process seen in the AVL section.

An illustration of our products are given below:

Lost Circulation

Well Plug

Is a lost circulation water based fluid which is compatible with all types of drilling fluids and is formulated by using synthetic bio-polymers and borate minerals to overcome Extreme losses in fractured and high permeable zones.


Is a lost circulation pill which is formulated by using different sizes of calcium carbonated to prevent losses, mainly in reservoirs and also reduces the possibility of congestions in high permeable zones. This pill provides optimum plugging and is removable by means of the acidizing procedure.


Is a water based fluids which designed to provide the wellbore strength and protection in low pressure and low strength both in reservoirs and non-reservoir formation.

Supply Chain Management

Managing our supply chain is one of the most important issues to sustain an efficient drilling operation. Failure to manage the supply chain has severe ramifications for us and our operators and makes all the difference in efficiency and profits. Issues such as NPTs or drilling days pending on mud system arrival are expensive consequences to deal with and such issues are prevented through our systematic approach to supply chain management. We use SharePoint solutions to integrate the entire chain under one umbrella. This systematic method provides high transparency and traceability which is used to monitor and enhance our supply chain.

We have created strong ethical relations with our suppliers and logistic companies making sure they comprehend and adhere to our standards. Our suppliers are clearly informed of our policies and we evaluate them on a dynamic basis via supplier questionnaires and visits with the help of our HSE & QA programs.

Logistic companies are in place which have been trained to check the quality of packaging/labelling conditions before loading our goods at the supplier’s warehouse. Furthermore, before entering our warehouses, our Quality Assurance team checks the goods by filling our incoming material checklist form. If our base managers sense poor conditioned materials, the goods are immediately returned to our suppliers without entering our warehouses and an NCR (non-conformity report) will be generated to convey valuable feedback to our vendors to aid them improve their conditions. For more details on NCR (Non Conformity Report), please refer to QHSE section of our website.

To support our supply chain activities, the following facilities are in place:

Equipment and facilities in Ahwaz base (onshore):

-Strategic warehouse number 1 – 4000 square meter -Strategic warehouse number 2- 6000 square meter -Supple mentary mud filtration and rigs maintenance systems -Fu lly-equipped professional drilling fluids laboratory for quality control -Rese arch office in Science and Technology Park in Khuzestan

Equipment and facilities in Kish base (offshore):

-Strategic warehouse number 1- 1250 square meter -Strategic warehouse number 2- 800 square meter -Complete system for stocking Barite and Bentonite in bulk (bulk plant) with the capacity of 400 Mt -Fully-equipped professional drilling fluids laboratory for quality control

The following methods are used to establish Supply Chain Management: ​​

1- Sharing point-of-sale forecasts (from the rig sites) with our procurement team for quick-response replenishment.

2- Proactively Identifying exceptional conditions that require closer attention such as weather and seasonal factors in which predefined supply chain tolerances and thresholds are exceeded.

3- Evaluating key performance metrics such as; days in inventory (DII).

4- Using Collaborative, Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR) models which promotes collaboration between our (local and international) suppliers.

To conclude, at PetroZer we recognize the importance of supply chain management to support our drilling activities and our goal is continuous improvement which is sustainable throughout the entire supply chain.

Approved Vendor Lists (AVL)

Given the extent of products used for our drilling operations, which are sourced locally and internationally from large chemical companies to specialist local suppliers, it is essential we use appropriate vendors who can meet the standards of our industry. As a result, our approved vendor list (AVL) policy is imperative to follow and continuously improve.

At PetroZer we make sure all suppliers have a fair chance despite their size and reputation. We welcome our vendors with a non-discriminatory approach so that no one is violated or assisted when entering our AVL.

Please feel free to submit your details below by email us directly at .

In order to enter our AVL, a brief process of the various steps is demonstrated below: