Laboratory Equipment

Viscometer Brookfield

Brookfield  model LVDV II + pro,

Speed Range: 0.01-200 RPM



Speed Range: 0.01-200 RPM

EP & Lubricity Tester

​OFITE #112

Hotroll or Roller Oven

Fann 705E​

Mud Balance

​OFITE 4 Scale #100-01

Digital Balance 0.01gr

​AND BS600H​

Retort Kit

​OFITE 50 ml / 120 mL

Sieve Shaker

Damavand For Particle Size Analysis​

Sand Conetnt Kit

Sand Content kit is a simple, accurate and inexpensive sieve analysis apparatus for determining the sand content of drilling muds.

High pressure high temperature Filter press (HPHT Filter Press)

Fann, Model 175CT simulates filtration against a permeable formation at high temperatures and pressures.

Rotational Viscometer

Fann: Model 35 Viscometers , 6 Speed (3,6, 100,200,300,600 RPM)Max Dial Reading: 330Ofite :Model 800​

Marsh funnel Viscosity


Speed Range: 0.01-200 RPM

pH Meter

Eutech pH/ Ion 510

Overhead Stirrer

​IKA RW20 Digital



Digital Balance 0.001g


Retort Kit

Fann 50 mL​



Mud Balance

Fann Model 4 Scale 141 Mud Balance provides a simple, practical method for accurate determination of fluid density.​

API Filter Press

​Fann, Series 300API Low Pressure, Low Temperature (LPLT) Filter Presses are the most effective means of determining the filtration properties of drilling muds and cement slurries.

Rotational Viscometer

​OFITE 800


Marsh funnel Viscosity


Speed Range: 0.01-200 RPM

Portable pH Meter

Eutech pH5+​

Multi Mixer

Hamilton beach, Model 9B2

Electrical Centrifuge


Single Mixer

Hamilton beach



Lubricity Meter

Electrical Stability

​Fann Instrument Company introduces a new Electrical Stability Tester for use with oil-based drilling fluids.

Water Bath or Bain Marie

Model WMS22
Temperature range: ambient tempt to 100°C​