Operational Services

Mud Engineering & ‚ÄčOperational Services

Operational Services are provided for both onshore and offshore projects by supporting drilling operations in a safe and cost-effective manner. Our experts and senior mud engineers are fully trained and familiar with the drilling operations to advise and provide on-site treatment by providing quick actions and solutions. Our main target in our operational services is to be proactive regarding the upcoming requirement and we believe this approach is key to optimize drilling operations. Shale formations in Iran can create difficult conditions that are challenging especially in HPHT wells. We therefore analyze geological properties in advance to understand what solutions are required before encountering problems to ensure minimal lost circulation and the maintain well stability. Our on-site operational services are fully equipped with laboratory units to monitor mud properties on-time and on a regular bases to provide complete mud check report for our clients. Daily Mud Reports (DMRs) are generated systematically and reported to our clients on a regular basis, moreover, meetings with our clients and operation team take place frequently to assess drilling conditions. Every reasonable effort is made to prevent NPTs (nonproductive time) as we understand the costs incurred for our clients and the loss of valuable time which is unrecoverable.